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What are the Luckiest Lottery Numbers?

Everyone wants to win the lottery. There are 6 numbers that lottery players say are the luckiest numbers to pick. These numbers are 6, 7, 33, 38, 40, and 49. These lottery numbers have appeared lottery games in countries such as the UK, Poland, Canada, South Africa, Spain, and Germany.

Instead of choosing dates that are significant to you like you or child’s birthday, or anniversary, it’s advisable that you choose common lottery numbers to help boost your odds. Tracking the most drawn lottery numbers is ideal at knowing how many times those numbers get drawn help determine which numbers to choose from.

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Lottery Lucky Numbers

Number 7 is the luckiest number in many countries across the world. It is believed that it is luckiest due to its importance in the Bible. However, this is not the case with lottery. The number 7 has a 25% chance of being chosen in a lottery jackpot draw. Most players pick this number as part of a jackpot draw and if it appears, the winnings will be shared with other players. Always remember that all lottery numbers have the same chance of appearing, however some appear more than the others.

Powerball Lucky Numbers

Powerball lucky numbers are different from other lotteries like Mega Millions. The numbers that frequently appear in the Powerball draw include 23, 32, 61, and 62. Therefore, when choosing the luckiest numbers, you should check the numbers that are frequently drawn. Also check the recent stats of the frequently drawn numbers.

Mega Millions Lucky Numbers

Mega Millions luckiest numbers are 10, 31, 17, 48, 70, and 8. Therefore instead of choosing number 7, it’s beneficial that you choose numbers that frequently appear in a draw.


In conclusion, there is nothing that guarantees you that these numbers will make you win a lot. However, their statistics of being drawn is convincing. The only disadvantage of this is that this becomes a very popular method for choosing lottery numbers. If it does pay off and the numbers are drawn again, the jackpot amount will be split amongst other lottery winners.

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