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Wayne Rooney on Gambling Addiction

Wayne Rooney, the most successful English footballer revealed details about his gambling addiction at the time he began playing at Manchester United FC. The 34-year-old football player opened up about his gambling problem even though numerous months ago, he agreed to join the Derby County Football Club then a contract sponsored by a local gaming operator. In August 2018, Derby County announced that under the latest agreement, Wayne Rooney would now be part of the club. The move has been hidden by the fact that it was sponsored by the resident bookmaker 32Red. Also, as part of the deal, Rooney will wear the same number on the back of his shirt.


The statement was fuelled with criticism, irrespective of the fact that the Football Association gave its approval to the move. Also, the football club confirmed that Rooney’s salaries will be paid by the club itself, and not the betting company. The connection between the gambling operative and Rooney is subjected to further scrutiny seeing the fact that the footballer encountered gambling problems very early in his professional career.

Wayne Rooney shared details about his obsessive gambling ways in a move meant at protecting other players from falling prey to the same addictive behavior.

Boredom and Easy Money Led Wayne Rooney To Gambling Addiction

The 34-year-old football player used the tribune that he got in a promotional video released by 32Red to share how his gambling problem began. Rooney shared that he was lured to gambling by boredom and the fact that it was very easy to place bets with the use of his mobile device. He continued to share that at that point, gambling through his mobile device did not even feel like spending real money. Rooney also admitted that he had rapidly managed to drop a large sum of cash but he did not even realize the actual risks he had placed as wagers. The fact that he even generated winnings at the beginning made things worse, as he thought the money won was easy money. However, after that, things ended up with him losing large amounts of money. At that time, he had just joined Manchester United and given a large amount of salary for an 18-year-old. Rooney encouraged people dealing with betting addictions, saying that he did manage to realize his errors early in his career and managed to quit gambling before he fell into the unsafe spiral that, is overwhelming to many players.

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