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VR Casino Real Money

Jonn Seo | January 7, 2021 | Updated on: January 7th, 2021

Virtual RealityVirtual Reality Casinos are also known as VR casinos are the future when it comes to online gaming. Virtual reality technology is slowly making its way into the gambling industry and promises next-level experiences for all players. The immersive, life-like technology brings casino games to life in ways that old gaming software and machines could never.

This article serves as an all-inclusive guide to everything you need to know about virtual reality casinos. We explain how the technology works, list some of the VR games currently available to you and so much more.

Best Virtual Reality Casinos

How VR Casinos Work

The online casino software does the best it can to mimic casino games as they appear at a land-based casino. And, most of the time, you’ll find nothing wrong with the software or how it works. There has also been much development with internet casinos in recent years as seen with the introduction of 2D/3D games as well as live dealer casino games. But, as good as this sounds, it still doesn’t compare with the kind of gaming experiences that virtual reality casinos offer.

Virtual reality casinos go beyond 2D and 3D graphics and offer live footage as though you are on the casino floor. With the help of a VR headset on an iGaming VR compatible platform, you can experience real-life gaming and interact with real players at the casino. Here are some of the features of a VR casino:

  • Several game rooms that you can enter and view in 3D
  • Sounds and music from the actual casino floor
  • Give hand and body signals and see similar signals from other players.
  • Access a 3D game table where you choose your own seat, speak to the dealer and other players.

Some VR casinos go the extra mile and let you venture off to the bar for a drink where you can chat to other players about the game. All the features bring the casino to life and make everything 100 times more enjoyable.

Virtual Reality Casino Games

There are only a handful of VR casinos currently out there. This is because the technology is new on the market and not many industry players have adapted to the trend yet. This means that the kind of casino games you can expect to find there may not be as extensive as what you are used to. The casinos we reviewed offered a good enough selection, though.

You can expect to play slot machines, roulette, blackjack, and poker. There are also great poker tournaments, and other less known games like Backgammon and Gin rummy.

We give more details about the games below.

VR slot games

VR slots offer more or less the same features and gameplay that an online casino does. One big difference is that this type of slot game pays more than a regular game and has super graphic imagery and sounds to make the experience extra thrilling. Some of the slot titles you may find include Dracula, jack and the beanstalk, Miss Midas, starburst, and much more.

VR blackjack

VR blackjack experiences are fully immersive. The same is played in the same way as at a regular casino. But, the difference is you use your VR headset to participate. During the game, you will be able to interact with the table and physically feel your cards, and hear the sounds coming from the casino floor.

VR roulette

Roulette is an absolute classic so it’s no surprise that virtual reality casinos would include this game of chance in their overall offering. Virtual reality roulette games are live games on steroids and are a very popular choice at such casinos.

Virtual Reality Casino

What you need to play at a VR casino

VR gaming represents next-generation gaming. And, as you would imagine, the technology required to play at a virtual reality casino is advanced as well. If you would like to play at a VR casino, there are a few things that you must have first. A computer or laptop is the first of those things. However, not any device will do, you must have a specific type of device. See the computer specs below.

  • USB 3.0 support
  • At least 8GB of memory available
  • Head-mounted display device
  • USB ports and HDMI
  • The latest Windows software

Sometimes, even the best desktop computers are not compatible with virtual reality which just goes to show t complex the technology is. If you would like to check if your device is compatible you can do so using the GeForce GTX VR Program. Computers that already have this program installed will have a badge displayed somewhere on the device. In addition to this, you also need a CPU that’s equal to or bigger than Intel Core i5.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Virtual reality is absolutely amazing and the experience it offers is unparalleled. But, even the best of the best has a few downsides that we must acknowledge.  Below we’ve identified some of the pros and cons of gambling at a virtual reality casino. Fortunately, as you can see, the good outweighs the bad.


  • Enhancements to already existing technology happen at a fast pace so there’s always something new to look forward to
  • Your presence in a game is picked up by the casino so you aren’t just another random player
  • The games are available for real money
  • The social features allow for maximum interaction


  • This form of gambling is very immersive so it’s very easy to get addicted if you are not a responsible gambler.
  • There are very limited VR games available at the moment

Virtual Reality Casino FAQs

Do virtual reality casinos require that I download software?

Yes, you must download the actual casino VR app to play.

Do I need a special remote to play?

Not necessarily, you should be able to play effortlessly using your keyboard or joystick

Can other players see my game screen?

No, they cannot and you cant see their screen either. Each player can only view their own screens.

What happens when I don’t wear goggles?

You can still play if you don’t have the goggles on hand, but you’ll be missing out on the complete visual experience that wearing goggles offer.

How do I exist a VR game?

It’s as easy as pressing the Esc button on your desktop computer or laptop.

Do VR casinos have bonuses?

Yes, remember that VR games are available for real money which means bonuses and other perks apply.

Who can access VR casino games?

The service is limited to countries and casinos that have the technology. You must also be of legal age, of course.

Can the other players see me and can I see them?

No, you cannot see other players’ screens and they cannot see yours.