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Deuces Wild Video Poker USA

Jonn Seo | February 5, 2024 | Updated on: November 14th, 2024

deuces-wild-video-pokerAmerican gamblers who are familiar with other video poker games will not be confused about deuces wild. Well, deuces wild video poker is kind of like Jacks or Better and Double Bonus. Players will have a 52 card deck. It’s up to players to decide which cards they want to keep.

This game has something that the other types don’t. The special factor of the game is that it has the possibility to replace whichever card by a deuce. A winning hand can be built immediately.

The great thing about a deuce is that it can be anything that you require. Whether US players need an Ace or King, a deuce can be used in such a case. This also increases a player’s chances of winning.

Here, we cover the basics of how to play video poker deuces wild. The game is not difficult to grasp if you follow our steps. It will be simple to start playing the games at top-rated casino sites listed on this page.

Best Casinos to Play Bonus Deuces Wild Online

Play Deuces Wild Online

If you aren’t sure about how to play deuces wild video poker follow these simple steps. Once you learn the game you can sign-up at any of the above-mentioned casino sites. What players have to do:

  • Players need to choose their wager. Make small bets when you are starting off.
  • The moment USA players have five cards they can pick the cards they desire to hold and let go of the rest.
  • Then, players should have a look at their new hand, is it a win or -loss?

Deuces Wild Strategy

Deuces Wild strategy decisions gets determined by the hand you’re dealt, however, also by how many deuces players are holding. If a specific hand isn’t on the list abandon everything and draw five cards.

Four Deuces

Hold all four Deuces cards and collect the 1000 coin ‘mini jackpot ‘.

Three Deuces

Hold three deuces and draw two cards. The one exception is if you are dealt a pat Royal Flush. In that case, hold five and collect the 125 coins.

Two Deuces

Hold any ‘pat’ Four of a Kind, Five of a Kind, and Straight Flush or Royal Flush.

One Deuce

With one deuce or no deuces, the strategy can get a bit more complex. Not many circumstances to remember with four, three and two deuces though it’s vital that you memorize the following choice hierarchies.

Deuces Wild Video Poker Winning Hands

Are the terms Deuces royal flush or Full house sound familiar? We don’t expect new players to be clued up about these words. It takes time to understand how to play deuces wild poker. We talk about the names of winning hands because they are the most important.

Here are typical terms players from the US need to know before they have a swing at deuces wild game.

  • Three of a kind – Three cards of an identical value
  • Straight – Five successive cards that can differ in suits.
  • Four of a kind – Four cards of an identical value.
  • Straight flush – Five continuous cards.
  • Flush – Five same-suit cards of whichever value.
  • Full House – A pair plus three of a kind.
  • Five of a kind -Four cards of the same value and a deuce.
  • Deuces royal flush –It is the same as Royal Flush, with one card restored by a deuce.
  • Natural royal flush – a Jack,10, Queen, King, and an Ace of the same category.

Deuces Wild Payouts

Have a look below at the general payout for the wild deuces video poker game. These are not written in stone and some casinos offer good or bad payouts than others:

  • Three of a Kind 1:1
  • Straight Flush 8:1
  • Five of a Kind 12:1
  • Four Deuces 100:1
  • Royal Flush 500:1
  • Straight 2:1
  • Four of a Kind 5:1
  • Flush 2:1
  • Full House 4:1
  • Deuces Royal Flush 0:1

Play Deuces Wild Game

Now players know everything that they need to about the game it’s time to have some fun. Our USA casinos will offer players the best experience of deuces wild. Sign up at any of the top-rated casino sites and start making cash. There is no limit to how many times players can play the deuces wild, so what are you waiting for?

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