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Play Online Sic Bo For Real Money

Jonn Seo | January 17, 2024 | Updated on: March 1st, 2024


Online Sic Bo is a game played with three dice in which players wager on the outcome of a roll. It is similar to modern Craps. We want to introduce our readers to as many new casino games as possible and have therefore only featured the best casinos that offer great online Sic Bo games for real money.

Fret not, though the casinos we feature all offer online Sic Bo game, they also offer more traditional casino table games, including Poker, Craps, Baccarat, Roulette, Keno, and Blackjack

Best Online Sic Bo Casinos in 2024

Real Money Online Sic Bo

Unlike most casino games, players have a modicum of influence over a game of Sic Bo, especially in regards to the bets they make. The best way, and as obvious as this might be, is to minimize the amount of risk in each bet and increase the chances of a payout.

The best way to do this is to place a high-risk bet alongside both a medium and a small bet, allowing for the possibility of high-risk bets, without the chance of losing massive amounts at a time. The trick is to not get greedy and go for big wins, but rather consistent smaller wins.

For example, a player who wants to make a high-risk bet e.g. A bet on a triple (all three dice landing on the same number), could also wager on a double and a single for the same throw. I say a player was to bet only on the number three and spread out the number across all the bets they make, they would have a pretty good chance of a return and would minimize their loss.

How to Find the Best Sic Bo Casinos Online

We feature a criterion that we use to check if the casino we list is suitable and secure for players to use. Some of the criteria’s we check out are as follows:

  1. Quality customer service (including phone supper, language availability, and live chat)
  2. Payment options and fees that are associated with those options
  3. Bonuses, promotions, and payout speed
  4. Security, encryption technology, and banking safety

Online Sic Bo – Good Bets

  • 1 credit on triple 3 (3-3-3) at a possible return 180-1. This throw has a 0.46% chance of happening.
  • 1 credit on double 3 (3-3) at a possible return of 10-1. This throw has a, near as makes no difference, a 7% chance of occurring.
  • 3 credits on a single 3, at a possible return of 1-1. This throw has a roughly 33% chance of happening, the highest in the game.
  • With this kind of bet, players still give themselves the chance of winning big, though minimizing their losses on big wagers, which is the best way to go.

Online Sic Bo – Getting to Know the Game

The rules and gameplay of Sic Bo have remained largely unchanged since its inception nearly 2000 years ago. Though that doesn’t mean that the game has stagnated. Many casinos shave modernized Sic Bo gameplay and rituals. These include:

  1. The Cage- Many casinos have switched from an actual birdcage to a glass cylinder to shake the three dice in before they are handed to players.
  2. The Table- Players no longer just play on any old table. Casinos have specially-designed tables that show all the best available to players. The tables are usually found in the main pit of the casino floor.
  3. Total – This is the simplest real money Sic Bo bet. You’ll have the opportunity to wager on the total of the three dice, and you can wager on any number from 4 through 16.
  4. Single – If you place a single wager, you’re gambling on a number that will appear on at least one of the dice. That means if you wager on a 3, you’ll win if at least one dice lands on a 3.
  5. Double – With this wager, you’re gaming that a specific number will be rolled on two of the dice.
  6. Triple – If you think all three dice will end up showing a precise number, go ahead and wager on a Triple. The payout for a Triple is 30:1 at most web Sic Bo casinos. You can also wager on a specific Triple, and that pays out 180:1.

Real Money Sic Bo at Top US Sites

When you play Sic Bo online for real money at the best casino site in the US, you know you play at a reputable casino online with fast payouts, fair play, and outstanding client service. US casino players can decide to download the casino software or to play straight from their browser. Either way, you can gamble for free as you learn the rules of Sic Bo and the different Sic Bo wagers, or you can also play Sic Bo gambling real money.

Sic Bo Tips

  1. Try gambling on a combination to increase your chances of winning. With three dice in play, there are lots of potential combinations available.
  2. Steer clear of proposition gambles. Dealers often try to lure you with these; however, the high house edge gives you slim chances of winning.
  3. Know what each roll pays out before you gamble. Focus your mental energy on learning the ropes, not on worrying about what the wrong play that might cost you.
  4. Stay away from the Big 6 or 8. Do not give the casino a 9% house advantage! Place the 6 or 8 instead with a healthier 1.5% advantage for the casino.

Sic Bo Strategy

web Sic Bo is a game of chance. There is no technical Sic Bo strategy that will allow you to predict how the next roll of the dice will come out. There are, however, dissimilar Sic Bo betting systems that you can use when you play Sic Bo. You can win small but regular payouts, or you can even try to win payouts which are bigger but less frequent.


The Revolution of Sic Bo Game

Though Sic Bo, also known in China as Tai Sai/Dai Siu, roughly translates to “big small”, has been around for nearly 2000 years. The game has remained largely unchanged since it was first played in ancient China. Though Sic Bo means “dice pair”, referring to the dice used to play the game.

Although China had a lot of contact with traders from Western countries, the game never migrated out of the country. Not until the early 1900s, that is.

When more and more Chinese immigrants entered the United States in the 1920s, years after the first immigrants came to assist with the building of the First Transcontinental Railroad, the game started catching on.

The game soon also became known as Birdcage in some parts of the US, as a birdcage is often used to mix up all the dice before they are rolled. Nonetheless, Sic Bo was played in the US, it didn’t catch on as quickly as Poker, Blackjack, and Baccarat. Up until the early 1990s, Sic Bo wasn’t anywhere to be found on the main pit areas in Las Vegas casinos.

Today, Sic Bo has spread all over North America. It is fast becoming one of the most played and most requested casino games at both land-based and online sites across the USA.

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