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Scratch Cards Tips

Jonn Seo | April 15, 2020 | Updated on: April 15th, 2020

scratch card tipsScratch cards are like any casino game where you need luck to win. However, some tips can help you improve your chances of winning. As a result, the lottery scratch cards tips are meant to help you make better decisions and avoid some mistakes that you can make.  Check out our expert lotto scratch cards tips and use them whenever you play the game. You can test them out at the listed casinos.

Best Scratch Cards Casinos

How to Win Scratch Card Tips

1.      Check the Prizes

Before you can even decide to buy a scratch card, you will need to know what kind of prizes are up for grabs. You will find this information on the card itself. There will be a list of all the possible prizes you can win. Another option is to go online and see what the prizes are for a specific scratch card. If you are playing online, the information will be shared there as well.

2.      Buy in Bulk

The odds of winning increase when you buy in bulk. Choose to buy four or five or even more scratch cards for the same game at the same time. Wins are made frequent on all the games, and if you bulk buy, then it gives you a chance of hitting one.

3.      Compare Odds

Similar to how scratch cards have the prizes on the back, you will also find the odds of winning each prize. You can find out about the odds of each card that you are interested in and compare it with others before making a purchase. Always chose cards with the best odds.

4.      Buy Winning Scratch Cards

Buying cards that other gamblers usually win on is the best strategy. This means that for that particular game, there are winners frequently, which means that there is a chance of you winning as well. You can check on the back on the cards and check the odds of winning, and that will give you an indication of how often the prizes are won.


5.      Keep Losing Tickets

There is a rule that says that stores have to stop selling scratch cards if all the top prizes have won. Then another prize pool will be created for the smaller prizes to give gamblers a second chance with their losing cards. Players will send in their tickets to find out if they have won.

6.      Try Second Chance Lotteries

Not all the scratch cards will qualify for the second chance lottery. You will have to look at your ticket and see if there is an opportunity to win should you enter the card into the second chance lottery. You can even identify some scratch cards that can become part of the second chance lottery before you even buy them. Check if there are still prizes available for the card to see if it qualifies for the second chance lottery.

7.      Play for Free Online

One of the benefits of playing scratch cards online is that you can try them for free before committing real money. This allows you to understand and enjoy the game.

8.      Play the New Games

The advantage of playing the new games is that the top prizes are still available, unlike the old cards. This gives you a chance to win them. You can check on your local lottery website for new games or the online casino lobby for any new games.

9.      Always have a Budget

Set a budget you want to use and stick to it. It makes you a responsible gambler. Your budget should be how much you are will to spend in proportion to how much you are willing to lose. There is no sure way to win at scratch cards, but there is a way to improve your odds.

Tips on Scratch Cards Overview

As we have mentioned, scratch cards are games of luck. There is no one simple scratch card tip that will help you will the game every time. However, we have shared with you how to win scratch cards tips to improve your chances of winning.