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Casinos That Accept Person to Person Deposits

Jonn Seo | November 25, 2020 | Updated on: November 20th, 2024

Person to PersonPerson to person deposits is quick and easy cash transactions made between one party to another. The money transferred reflects in the receiver’s account almost immediately, which makes this instantaneous method a viable option when you need to square even with a friend over a meal or when you go half on a bill.

The gambling industry has caught on to the payment method as well and some online casinos now offer their players the opportunity to use this method when making cash deposits into their banking accounts.

With continuous advancement with technology, the processing times for transactions of this kind has become more seamless and players have become more impatient with outdated payment methods that take longer than it should. Person to person transactions can be made from a mobile device or desktop.

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How Person to Person Casinos Work

Person to person doesn’t refer to one particular company or system. It refers to several systems grouped to make transferring funds convenient for players. You might already be familiar with some of the services that belong to this group, one of which is Venmo.

Person to Person (P2P) transactions is facilitated in two ways. The first approach is when you sign up for an account with the provider and you clearly state a funding source which can be your bank account with a respective bank in the USA. Using the PSP service you can then send money to other people, even people who don’t have a P2P account. You can send money that’s stored in your P2P account, or you can access cash from your standard bank account through the P2P service.

The second approach is facilitated online. Certain banks have the option of logging into your online bank account via browser or accessing your account via the bank app. Once there, you will then state how much money you would like to send and you must specify to who it must go. You will have to provide a telephone number or email address for the recipient.

The recipient will then be notified either by phone or email and will be asked to provide their banking information. Your bank will then insert their information when it processes the transaction.

Casinos That Accept Person to Person Deposits

From the list of casinos that we provide, some give you this option. These casinos include:

Big Spin Casino – When you gamble at Big Spin Casino, you’ll receive a 200% match bonus of up to $1000. You have to meet a minimum deposit amount of $100 while the maximum is $650.

MyBookie Casino – When you make a person to person deposit at MyBookie Casino you will receive a 150% match welcome bonus of up to $750. Same as above, you must meet the $100 minimum deposit amount, with a maximum of $650. – At you will receive a 100% match bonus of up to $3000 when you make person to person deposits. Here the minimum and maximum deposit amounts are $100 and $600 respectively.

MYB Casino – At MYB Casino the minimum and maximum deposit amounts are $100 and $500 respectively. Its welcome bonus package is a 200% match bonus of up to $1000.


Person to Person casinos

Why You Should Use Person to Person

There’s an entire pool of deposit methods available to use at casinos today, so why opt for person to person casinos? Well, the method is very quick and easy, as well as mobile-friendly. This gives you the freedom to deposit anywhere and at any time. It’s safe and reliable. We know online safety is a major concern for most players.

The downside to using person to person as a payment method has to do with the fact that you cannot make withdrawals using this method. This is unfortunate since the transaction is so quick and seamless. The deposit limits for these types of transactions are also quite low.

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