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Mobile Gambling Terms – Gambling Vocabulary

Jonn Seo | October 20, 2020 | Updated on: March 1st, 2024

mobile-gambling-termsWhile mobile gambling is not different from gambling on your desktop, there are mobile gambling terms that only apply to mobile gaming. To get you started, you need to understand why mobile gambling is.

Mobile gambling is when you play casino games for real money or fun on a remote device. This device can be a phone or tablet with a wireless internet connection. With that, if you are interested in making bets on your remote device, you have understood the lingo.

Read our guide to find the most popular mobile gambling terms online.

Top Mobile Gambling Sites

Gambling Terms and Phrases: Mobile Casino Terms

Most web-based casinos have optimized their website to provide you with a mobile gambling platform. In order to fully understand what is being said on the website, you need to understand the langue used. Sure, it may be written in English, but some terms may not make sense to you.

Our experts have created a thorough guide with basic gambling terms for mobile gambling.


A smartphone is also known as a cell phone and lets us accesses the internet using a web browser. You can also install and run apps such as internet casinos on the device.


A table is a handheld device slightly bigger than a phone. It has a touch screen and generally requires to be held with two hands. It also uses an operating system to function. The most popular tablets compatible with casinos are Microsoft Surface Pro and the Apple iPad.


App is short for application and is also known as a mobile app. The application is a casino software that you install on your phone that will allow you access to all your favorite casino games. The casino develops these apps in partnership with top software developers such as Betsoft, NetEnt, and Microgaming.


Several mobile devices use this operating system developed by Google. In fact, many casino websites are compatible with Android as it NE tent one of eth most popular operating systems.


Both iPhone and iPad are Apple’s manufactured devices that are worldly popular. Some devices can be used for mobile gambling


Apple devices use the iOS operating system that is also highly recommended for mobile gambling. A number of casino sites have optimized their websites to function on any iOS device


Similar to playing on desktop, you will need an internet connection for mobile gambling. Bandwidth is the amount of data spread over an internet connection over a specified amount of time. This is not internet connection speed; however, it uses the amount of information that can be sent over a connection in an amount of time. So, you are using bandwidth to play for casino games on your mobile


This is raw information that will be transmitted to and from mobile phones to the casino site. To transmit this data, you will need an internet connection. Examples of such data include setting up an account at the casino gaming input, as well as depositing and withdrawing money

Flash Based Games

Several internet casinos use flash technology to allow you a chance to their games without downloading any kind of software. All you have to do is load the casino on your web browser using the given URL. The flash-based games are compatible with most phones regardless of the operating system


A software application that allows you to use certain internet services. Java comes pre-downloaded on some mobile devices, and it can be used to render casino games online.

KYC or Know Your Customer

KYC is a program that several web-based casinos use to verify your identity. You will be required to send the casino a copy of your photo identification and other documentation, such as proof of address, etc. KYC is used to try and prevent fraudulent behavior and to protect you.


The mobile games lobby is the main games screen on a mobile casino that features all available games. The lobby may also include the cashier and other casino information. Usually, the mobile games lobby will feature fewer games than what you would find on the desktop version of the casino.

Mobile Browser

Web browsers e software applications that can be used to access information on the World Wide Web. This is what you will use to load a mobile site on your phone. Popular web browser includes Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge And Apple Safari

Mobile Site

Apart from a mobile casino app, some casino has a mobile site which is simply a desktop version of the casino made to fit on a mobile screen. The casino web page has been optimized to load the compatible casino web page on your phone. The layout of the casino may change slightly so that you can see things a bit better on a smaller screen.

QR Code

QR codes are the modern-day barcode that has made it easier for players to download casinos. To use a QR code, you will have to use the camera option on your phone. You will then scan the QR code on the website using your phone to access the casino. The casino to load automatically after you have scanned the site. Alternatively, the QR code will lead you to the app store.

App Store

This is an online store for all kinds of apps. Most casinos have their app listed on the google play store or iStore. All you have to do is go to the Appstore, search the casino name, and download the casino app.

No Download

No download is a term to describe to flash-based casinos. It is browser-based casinos or games that are usually in flash format. You will not have to download any software to your device to play the games or access the casino apart from an internet connection.


In this day and age most, phones have a  touch screen, and in order to make a selection on the website, you have to tap on what you want to select. Mobile casinos will have buttons or arrows that you will have to tap on to choose certain things. Tapping on the screen is equivalent to clicking on a laptop or desktop

WAP or Wireless Application Protocol

WAP is a security form used to access Wi-Fi networks. Wireless Application Protocol protected networks are safe for mobile gambling and preferred over an unsecured and open network. So, if you are playing on mobile, ensure that the network you are using is WAP protected.


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