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Best Mini Roulette USA

Jonn Seo | January 20, 2020 | Updated on: January 5th, 2021

mini roulette wheelHave you played the other version of roulette? Well, US players who are familiar with roulette but don’t know about Mini Roulette are on the right page. Playing Mini Roulette online of the classic game is easier, especially for new players. The smaller size of the game makes it simpler for newcomers to understand.

One more difference about this Mini Roulette game is that there are few kinds of wager that US players can make. The smaller number of chambers and the amount of wagers adds to the simplicity of the game. On average the smaller number of chambers make allows the ball to more likely land on the 0-1 in every thirteen spins. USA players will grasp the fundamentals of how Mini Roulette works here. Test the Mini Roulette game using the best casino sites in the market.

Top Mini Roulette Casino Sites

Mini Roulette game is for players who prefer the smaller version of the game or want to play it on their mobile. These top-rated casino sites have the best rewards for players who sign up. Click any of the websites to discover the game.

Mini Roulette Guide

  • Top Mini Roulette Casino Sites
  • Mini Roulette Wheel
  • Ignore the Zero
  • Play Mini Roulette

Mini Roulette Wheel

Mini Roulette is not far-fetched from the American, French, and European Roulette. The wheel is divided into thirteen parts which differ from other Roulettes as we have already stated above. The wheel has numbers 1-12 and a single zero. US players are given the option to wager on whichever number they want at 11-1 odds. They can also make bets between digits to be able to cover more positions at lower odds.

Options Available

  • Square: 2-1
  • Street: 3-1
  • Split: 5-1

Players can wager on red or black including even or odd. These wagers will cover six places on the wheel and payout at even cash. USA players need to remember that all these wagers have fair odds for a wheel with twelve pockets. The zero grants the house a bit of an advantage over the player in mini casino roulette. After US players have selected their bets, they can push the button to start the following spin. The ball will go around the wheel before stopping at a number. Then, the wagers that didn’t win will be gathered for the winning bets to be paid.

At the moment players will be able to make new wagers or click the reset button to automatically select bets. There is an exception to the rule; a few web-based casinos like the ones that use NetEnt software have the La Partage rule when you engage in the game. This version allows players to get half of their lost wager returned whenever the wheel falls on a zero.

Ignore the Zero

More or less all wagers in Mini Roulette will have the same house edge. Therefore, there really isn’t that much strategy that players need to play the game. If the La Partage rule applies then players are advised to make bets that have 0 because you would want to receive half your wagers returned when you lose at times. Besides that, players are welcome to select whichever number that they fancy.

Play Mini Roulette

When you analyze Mini Roulette properly, you’ll see that it doesn’t have a great advantage over the usual Roulette. Without a doubt, the Mini Roulette game is smaller than the normal one. There is nothing difficult about playing the game. Newcomers may appreciate the simple design of the table. We recommend that players engage with the easier rules of games such as French or European Roulette because of the high house edge. USA players who are keen on giving the game a try can choose any of the reputable casino sites that we have suggested above.

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