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Luxury Awaits Coushatta Casino Resort in $150M Expansion

The gaming industry in Louisiana is rolling the dice on a bright future. The Coushatta Casino Resort, the largest in the state, has just announced the biggest expansion project in years! Get ready for a dazzling new addition: a luxurious $150 million hotel featuring 204 rooms and suites. This ambitious move highlights the confidence stakeholders have in Louisiana’s casino scene despite potential competition looming from neighboring Texas.

Luxury Awaits Coushatta Casino Resort in $150M Expansion

A Sneak Peek at the Coushatta Casinos Resort New Luxury Hotel

The new hotel at Coushatta Casino Resort, scheduled to open sometime next year, promises to elevate the guest experience. Situated conveniently near the current casino floor, this eight-story structure will provide a lavish retreat for both players and visitors.

The details surrounding the hotel’s design and amenities remain concealed for now. Even with the “luxury” label, guests can look forward to lavish accommodations, top-notch furnishings, and even specialty suites catering to discerning travelers. Bobby Thornton, the casino’s marketing director, revealed that the resort is designating half of the new rooms as suites, further emphasizing the resort’s commitment to providing a premium experience.

Coushatta Casino Resort Is More Than Just Rooms

The hotel construction marks just the first act in Coushatta’s grand expansion play. Once the tribe finishes the luxurious new accommodations, they plan to initiate a complete renovation of the current casino floor and restaurants. This commitment to refreshing the entire resort experience signals a long-term investment in attracting and retaining guests. Additionally, whispers of plans for expanding the resort’s dining options have piqued the interest of foodies.

The expansion project aims to generate a substantial number of new jobs, estimating between 150 to 200 permanent positions. This doesn’t just help the Coushatta Tribe and their resort, but it also brings a much-needed boost to the local community’s economy.

Texas Hold’em? Coushatta Casino Resort Doesn’t Fold

The expansion announcement comes amidst murmurs of Texas potentially legalizing casino gambling. However, the Coushatta Tribe remains unfazed by this prospect. Their confidence stems from the established loyalty of Texan patrons. Louisiana casinos, particularly those closer to the Texas border like Coushatta, already enjoy a strong customer base from the Lone Star State.

The lack of concern over potential competition underscores the established strength of Louisiana’s gaming industry. Coushatta’s expansion is just one example of a larger trend. Caesars Entertainment recently unveiled its fully renovated Horseshoe Casino in Lake Charles, formerly known as Isle of Capri. This $113 million overhaul reflects a similar commitment to modernization and a focus on enhancing the customer experience.

Coushatta Casino ResortA Booming Louisiana Gaming Landscape

Further north in Bossier City, Maryland-based Cordish Companies is pouring a hefty $270 million into transforming the former Diamond Jacks property into a brand-new land-based gaming resort – Live! Casino & Hotel Louisiana. This ambitious project, slated to open in 2025, will inject even more vibrancy into Louisiana’s already thriving casino scene.

These ongoing investments, coupled with Louisiana’s existing 15 riverboat and land-based casinos, paint a picture of a robust and growing industry. The state’s casino revenue from slots and tables surpassed $2 billion in the 2024 fiscal year, demonstrating the industry’s significant contribution to the state’s economy.

A Winning Hand for Louisiana

The Coushatta Casino Resort’s expansion is a compelling story of tribal leadership, economic confidence, and a commitment to excellence. The Coushatta Tribe prioritizes guest experience and innovation, securing its future and contributing to Louisiana’s thriving gaming industry. Louisiana’s casino scene is poised for success, prepared to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

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