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Online Blackjack Terms

Jonn Seo | April 6, 2020 | Updated on: May 17th, 2024

 Blackjack TermsBlackjack is a complex casino game that requires a lot of knowledge to get winning. This is why we have compiled this blackjack terms guide to get you started with the intimidating terminology used in the game. This will help you understand blackjack better as well as weigh your options in the game. We have gathered dozens of terms used in Blackjack 21 and we also provide you with the best casinos in the US to play!

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Blackjack Terminology – Blackjack Terms Explained

Blackjack 21 – not a variation but another name for blackjack as the objective for the game is to get a hand as close to 21 as possible.

The Ace – As known the Ace is one of the best cards you can dealt with in many games. Without it, it is hopeless for you to win the blackjack with your first two cards. The Ace has two values (1, or 11), it’s up to you on how you decide to use it.  For a natural Blackjack, you Should have a 10- valued card and An Ace (you count the Ace as 11 points). the dealer plays a huge role in the outcome of points in a situation where you are dealt an Ace and A Six on whether to count the point as a Seven or Seventeen.

Bankroll – This is the budget you have set to spend in the Casino game.

Bust & Bust Card – A bust is a losing hand that has more than 21, any hand that exceeds 21 points is a current loss. A bust card is a card dealt that pushes the hand over 21.

Double down – Doubling down is an option whereby you double your stake after you have checked your hand,

Face Cards – this card is cards with alphabets or faces, excluding the Ace, (Jacks, Queens and Kings) they weigh 10 points each,

Hand – this is the card held by the player or the dealer.

Hit – To hit is when you ask to draw another card, you are basically increasing the value of your hand. For example, when you have a Double six hand (a total of 12) and you choose to hit be lucky enough to draw any card besides a 10 or any Face card.

Hole Card – This is the dealer’s first card is put in a face-down position.

Insurance – this is a blackjack side bet, whereby the player is taking a wild guess if the dealer has a natural blackjack, if the guess is right, he/she wins double the amount on initially.

Natural Hand – This hand consists of two cards which are valued at 21, for example, an Ace and any face card or a 10

Push/Standoff – This is when the player and dealer have the same total/value of cards on hand, which means a tie. In this case there no winner nor loser, so the stake is given back to the player.

Split – This when a player receives two cards of the same value example two fours then he/she opt to divide them into two hands, this is called a split hand.

Stand – This is when you don’t want to be dealt with any more cards because you already have a high point, for example having a hand value of 19. You may choose not to stand but chances of you busting are high at that point.

Surrender – this is an option of when you withdraw from a bet, because you may be having a hard hand, for example, a nine and a six, and the dealer has an Ace. When you surrender you receive half of your stake back rather than losing it all. If you make this a habit you might actually lose a lot.

Up-Card – This Is the first dealer’s face-up card dealt, which is meant for players to screen and consider their playing options.

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