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Blackjack Card Counting Strategy USA

Jonn Seo | March 26, 2020 | Updated on: February 1st, 2021

blackjack-card-counting-usaCard counting in blackjack is a skill not many casinos favor. Blackjack card counting allows gamblers to somewhat have an edge over the house. The card counting strategy means players have to take note of high and low cards in the game. Many players would like to win against the casinos and always look for ways to achieve this. Sometimes called card reading, players usually have questions around the topic which we answer.

We are not surprised that the card counting practice is a topic of interest. The blackjack card counting practice is an advantage for players but not for US online casinos. There are many card counting systems which we‘ll mention in passing. The professionals we work with have tested the strategy and uncovered what you must know while playing blackjack. Join us as we discuss basic card counting to give you the upper hand when playing the game.

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How Blackjack Card Counting Works

Card counting online blackjack is a method that allows players to see when the advantage is on their side. If they have an advantage, we encouraged them to increase their wagers. Whenever the upper hand is with the dealer they will place a smaller wager.

Blackjack card counting requires players to pay attention to the cards they are dealt with. They need to separate the cards that dominate to make good choices when playing blackjack. It would be ideal for players to know their way around probability and statistics.

Blackjack Card Counting Systems

The High Low system is called a level 1 count and is well known. In this system card counting values are; a +1 value is given to each small card from 2-6. The rest of the cards such as 7, 8 and 9 have 0 as their value. Aces and 10s are referred to as large cards and are granted the value -1.

When a card is dealt players will add 1 or minus 1. Say, for instance, you receive a low card, this means you’ll add 1. Should you be dealt a high card then you’ll minus 1.

Other blackjack cards counting systems include:

  • Omega II
  • Halves and Zen Count
  • High Opt
  • Red 7
  • KO

FAQs About Blackjack Card Counting Practice

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