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Best Lottery Tickets in US

US lotteries are well known worldwide for offering players the biggest lottery prizes. Mega Millions and Powerball are on top of the chart by offering gamblers jackpots starting from $20 million. Buying a lottery ticket that has the best odds is important if you wish to win big. Some lottery players believe that buying a lottery ticket that has the biggest jackpot is the best option. However, lottery tickets with the biggest jackpot normally have long odds. Therefore, it is better to know which lottery ticket has the best odds and great chances of winning.

Mathematicians advise US gamblers to play the lottery for entertainment purposes. This is said so that they don’t spend money that they don’t have. Playing lottery as entertainment, awards you a chance to gamble responsibly.

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Best Lottery Tickets

There are different lotteries available in the US that have the best payout. Below is a list of the best online lotteries in US.


Powerball is a common lottery worldwide that can be played in the US. Powerball lottery had odds of 1:292,201,338 odds. Gamblers may win $1 million playing Powerball. The jackpot of this lottery changes depending on the date.

Mega Millions

Mega Millions is the second biggest lottery in the US. It has odds of 1:302,575,350 odds. The jackpot average amount is $50 million and the lottery ticket may cost $2. The odds of winning Mega Millions ate better than those of Powerball.

Lucky for Life

Lucky for life has adds of 1:30,821,472 odds and you can win $7000 a week for life with a lotto ticket. This game entails you choosing five numbers out of 498. A lucky ball number needs to be selected from out of 18. There are two options to choosing the numbers, that being, manually choosing the numbers or using the quick pick option.

Can Foreigners Player US Lotteries?

Yes, as long as they purchase a lottery ticket within the states borders. If they are on vacation or travelled for work, they can purchase a ticket even if they are not US citizen.

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