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High Stakes Baccarat Explained – How to Play

Jonn Seo | November 6, 2020 | Updated on: October 3rd, 2024

high stakes baccaratHigh-stakes baccarat games let you play this classic casino table game for big real money prizes. When we say “big”, we mean stakes that are worth thousands of dollars per hand. So, this really isn’t a game for the faint-hearted.

If you want to find out more about playing high-stakes baccarat online, keep reading. Below we analyze how high limit baccarat differs from regular versions of Punto Banco, Chemin de Fer, and the like. We also provide you with a list of the best baccarat online casinos, so you can get started!

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High Limit Baccarat Rules

High Limit baccarat doesn’t really differ all that much from the regular version of the game. If you have forgotten here are some of the basics:

  • You can bet on the player, banker, or a tie. Thus, you don’t always want your hand to win if you haven’t bet on yourself to win.
  • The highest hand value is nine. Anything above nine and the second unit in the decimal number systems becomes your score. This sounds more confusing than it actually is. All it means is that, for example, if the cards in your hand add up to a score of 14, your actual score is four.
  • Standard rules for receiving a third card are followed in this game. Usually, for players, the most important rule in this category to pay attention to is that you will receive a third card if your hand score is below six.

The only real difference between high-stakes baccarat and the regular version of the game is that you can place bigger bets. However, you should pay attention to whether the high-stakes game is based on Punto Banco, Chemin de Fer, or Baccarat Banque because there are differences between the rules of these games.

High Stakes Baccarat Strategies

Here are some strategies for high limit baccarat that may help you win more games:

Always Bet on the Banker

Casinos have an in-built house edge on every game. Even baccarat, where you can bet on the banker to win. Statistically, the dealer is more likely to win more baccarat games. Usually, the house edge on a player bet is around 1.24%, whereas the house edge on a banker bet is 1.06%. The house edge on a tie is 14.36%, so don’t even pay any mind to this option.

Although you will have to pay a commission to the casino when you bet on the banker, it is still a good bet because:

  • The payout is 1:1
  • You’re pretty close to true odds
high limit baccarat games

Don’t Use Betting Systems

Betting systems claim to help you beat the house by following some weird betting pattern that eventually gets one over on the casino. But this isn’t true: the casino always wins and you should never forget this.

At best, a betting system can help you increase your bankroll very quickly on a winning streak. But at worst, a losing streak could break your bankroll even faster, especially if you are using negative progression strategies like the Martingale or D’Alembert.

Positive progression betting systems aren’t as risky, but we advise you to play wisely if you insist on using one.

Avoid Commission “FREE” Baccarat

Commission-free baccarat isn’t really as great as it sounds. The casino tries to make up the money from removing the commission by changing the rules on banker payouts. Generally, you’ll get lower payouts for banker wins, and/or the banker needs to win by several points.

Ultimately, the house edge is increased to match that of the player bet, so there really is no sense in playing commission-free games.

Should I Play High Stakes Baccarat?

High-stakes baccarat is normal baccarat, but you can make bigger bets – there really is nothing else to it. So, should you play it?

Well, that’s a question you need to answer with your bankroll. You’ve got to understand that when you play for high stakes, you may need to bet $1,000 or more on a single hand.

Can you afford to do this?

Most people can’t which is why we recommend most players staying away from the game. You don’t want to go bust on a single hand of baccarat. But, if you can; there’s no reason, you shouldn’t give the high limit variation a shot.

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