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Casino Apps That Pay Real Money

Jonn Seo | November 5, 2020 | Updated on: March 24th, 2021

150x110 casino appsLooking for the best casino online apps that offer real money gambling? You can now call off the search because you’ve got the right page.

In this guide, we break down who offers players the best US casino apps for real money and how to play mobile games safely.

If you’re ready, check out our recommendations for the leading real money casino apps for USA residents or continue to read to learn more about them.

Casino Apps To Win Real Money

Top US Casino Apps by Game

Got a favorite gambling game you love to play? One of the best ways to decide which casino apps are best for you is by selecting the option that offers you the best experience for your chosen game. See the list below:

Real Money Blackjack Apps

One of the most popular and recognizable names in the world is blackjack. A casino game you used to be able to play in the casino is now available in the palm of your hand and it can be played for real money!

Slots Apps

You might have played slots on your mobile device before, but did you know that now you could play for real money? Believe it or not, you can play your US online slot game right on your mobile device and win real cash while at it.

Real Money Poker Apps

You don’t have to wait till Friday night to get into a poker game with your friends. Heck, you don’t even have to gamble with your friends anymore. Real money poker apps give you the ability to play poker variations like Omaha, Texas Hold’em, and 7-card stud right on your smart device.

Video Poker Apps

Like the game of poker, if you don’t feel like playing against other players, the only poker variation where you won’t get bluffed, video poker for real money, is available on your mobile devices.

Real Money Roulette Apps

One of the most popular casino gambling games, the real money roulette game is now available to play on your mobile device.

Real Money Casino Apps – Games

These casino games aren’t as popular to play like others, but they’re still offered by all real money casino apps in the USA. The software to play these casino games is smooth and the use of a trusted app will ensure that your money and data remain safe.

  • Craps Apps

Best Real Money Casino Apps by Device

Not sure which casino game you want to play yet? Or you have multiple favorite games? Worry not. A secondary way of choosing the best casino apps online for you is guiding your search based on the device you have.

Whether you’re an Android or iOS/iPhone user, we’ve got what you’re looking for below.

Android Casino Apps

While you might get disregarded in other areas because you’re not using an iPhone, that’s not the case with Android casino gambling apps. In the early days of gaming online, options were very slim for your devices. But as game developers realized the Android market is growing, they began to build incredible gaming options to service Android customers.

iPhone Casino Apps

If you have an iPad, iPhone or any iOS device, your options for USA casino apps are immense. As the biggest platform in the world, game developers have crafted incredible iPhone casino apps for you to choose from.

What Makes These the Best Casino Apps?

The process of identifying real money casino apps is very extensive. We employ industry experts with decades of experience in sifting through selections to identify the winners and losers. Our teams look at hundreds of apps to find the best options available.

Trust and Security

Proper SSL encryption, frequently audited processes, prudently procured banking partners, devoted security teams—these are few things that we look for when we analyze whether or not we can trust the casino apps.

Mobile Game Quality and Server Speeds

Slow, low-quality games drive players insane. In the early days, when selections were limited, there was more patience for second-rate games. Today, technology has come too far for anything to be less than the best quality.

Profitable Bonuses and VIP Rewards

Just because you’re not in a casino physically does not mean you shouldn’t be taken care of and be rewarded for your play and loyalty. When choosing the betting apps, it’s vital to us that they take care of their game players and have plans to reward them for their loyalty. This means that big deposit bonuses, VIP rewards, and benefits available to casino players of all different levels.

400x193 casino apps real money

Tips for Choosing the Best Casino Apps

Whether you’re a new casino gambler, new to gambling apps, or an experienced player, you want to get started in the right way. To guide you on the next step of your journey, we’ve compiled a list of important tips to help you pick the best USA casino apps for you.

  1. Invest Time in Picking the Right Mobile Casino Apps

We encourage you to pump the brakes for a moment. By taking a few minutes to find the best casino apps for yourself.

  1. Stick to Safe Real Money US Casino Apps

Stick to the safest real US casino apps that we’ve recommended for you. This is because not all betting apps are designed with your best interests at heart.

  1. It’s Okay to Play at Multiple Casino Sites

Can’t decide between different US casino apps online? Worry not. There is nothing wrong with gambling at multiple sites. It won’t cost you anything extra to have multiple accounts.

  1. Understand Every Casino App’s Policy

When using casino games apps in the US, you will be connecting via a Wi-Fi connection or phone service. While service in some areas is dependable, there are times where you will be disconnected.