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5 Reasons Why the Blackjack Dealer is Kicking Your Butt

Blackjack card game is supposed to be the easiest casino games to beat. After all, it features a very low house edge in comparison to most casino games.

However, many still find themselves struggling to book winning sessions on a reliable basis. Even when winning, your profits can also drain out as you continue to play.

Below, we discuss 5 reasons why the dealer is always kicking your butt along with how you can turn things around.

Blackjack casino games

The Dealer Acts Second

Some casino players adopted an extreme strategy involving mimicking the dealer. Their thought is that if the dealer wins most of the time, then they can match the croupier by playing using the same rules.

Not Everybody Bothers with Blackjack Strategy

One of the entertaining parts of the blackjack game is that it features an in-depth strategy. You can also improve your chances of winning by knowing how to act in every situation.

Blackjack Games Move Fast

the casino already benefits from the dealer acting second. Though you can still lower the house edge to 0.5%–or even less in sure cases. The problem is that casinos may still beat you badly even when they have a tiny advantage. Blackjack is built to move quickly so that the house can capitalize.

The Rules Are in the Casino’s Favour

Casinos give special options that the dealers don’t have access to. Doubling down and excruciating in the right circumstances give you a better chance to beat the dealer.

Casinos Boot Card Counters

Card counting is a popular way to gain an edge over the casino. However, casinos don’t let you walk into their venues and make easy cash. They’re private trades and they have the right to stop anyone if they think you’re counting.

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